About the Kindred Spirit Board

“Kindness is contagious” and in this day and age, a positive message is much in demand. The Kindred Spirit Board offers just that, to communities of students, teachers, family, and friends, at schools in Andover and Burlington, MA. The board is a mural of rolling hills, blue sky and clouds, flanked by a three dimensional frame of two realistic trees with interlocking limbs atop and roots below, which undergoes regular seasonal changes. “The Kindred Spirit Kids” (a cast of one-of-a kind multicultural plush dolls) act out each message displayed in a gilded frame. Viewers can then identify with the different characters.

Used as a visual tool to enhance a sense of connection and belonging, The Spirit Board communicates productive ideas and common themes, which have been chosen by the community to be shared. Also used as a writing prompt, and to spark classroom conversations, an ever-changing display inspires many. The possibilities are endless!

The theory behind the board

Studies continue to show that kindness is indeed contagious. We are learning more and more about how simple gestures, such as a positive handshake, some direct eye contact with a smile, or a few thoughtful comments, will effect a person in a way that they will not only become a bit more motivated and productive, but that they will likely turn and do the same for someone else. The Kindred Spirit Board was designed, as a community enrichment tool, to help provide that “positive moment” for every “passer-by”.