Methuen Festival of Trees, First Prize Winner, 2010

I had long wished to design a tree for Methuen’s Festival of Trees, which has been held annually, I believe, since 1994, when the Everett Mills building manager (where I have my studio) asked if I would be willing to represent them, in the 17th annual event. After a two week public display, Trees are auctioned off each year to raise funds for historic preservation in the Merrimac Valley. I was given the undecorated tree, ribbons, balls and a tree skirt, and was told that the theme was “purple”. With a little over a week to prepare, I quickly thought of a way to add a vintage twist to our theme, and with a nod to the vital history of the mills, chose a historic photo of the Everett Mills clock tower, as a “jumping off point”. By choosing just the right combination of materials to support this theme, I was able to create a magical design which made us all proud. We named it “Time to Remember”. I had not actually known that this was also a competition, until announcements began at the Donors reception. I was completely blown away when they announced “Time to Remember” as a first prize Conifer award winner!