“Snowfolk” is my line of collectable snowman figures which I created, after having been inspired by an adorable preschool craft project, given to me by my young son, in 1994. From hand sculpted Knurly noses, to signed, and dated leather bottoms, I add fine details to my, many different, originally designed characters. New additions are added each year. Mostly sold at local fairs and community gatherings, Snowfolk have created a bit of excitement, as followers look for “what’s new” to give as gifts or, better yet, to add to their own collections (some own every piece and create displays in their homes). Making excellent “office” or “hostess” gifts, as they are heavy, and sit nicely on a desk, buffet, or mantle, Snowfolk serve as an instant conversation piece. Custom, one of a kind, pieces are also made to order.