Kindred Spirits on the road “Summer Fun 2010”

After implementing this program for over ten years, and seeing the amount of pleasure it is bringing, I realize that I could reach an even wider community by allowing “The Kindred Spirit Kids” to “hop off of the board” and go on field trips, during school vacations. By displaying photos of these trips on-line, students can see, and share, what “The Kids” do with their vacations, which expands the program in a way that is interesting, relatable, and accessible to all!

Fourteen Field Trips!

  1. Salisbury Beach, Salisbury, MA
  2. Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH
  3. Andover Townhouse, Visit with Seniors
  4. Wingaersheek Beach,Gloucester, MA
  5. Bus Trip to Falmouth Heights Beach, Cape Cod, MA
  6. Uncle Jay’s Playground, Andover, MA
  7. Uncle Jay’s Pool, Andover, MA
  8. Grammy and Papa’s Garden, Andover, MA
  9. Lawrence Airport, Lawrence, MA
  10. Dressed up Like Bugs and Fairies, Dancing in the Field!
  11. Chasing Butterflies
  12. Backyard Play With Sprinkler, Toys and Inflatable Pool
  13. Camping in the Pine Grove
  14. Fishing on the Shawsheen River, Andover, MA

Kindred Spirits “Cast of Characters”

It is often noticed that each “Kindred Spirit Kid” is one of a kind, with apparent, individual personalities as well! See if you can notice this in the vacation photos! We are currently developing each character, and will be posting their profiles, including their names, hobbies, and favorites, when complete. Stay tuned!